Weekly Expert Advisors Trading Report

Weekly Expert Advisors Trading Report

On Monday, reports on the performance of our advisors are regularly released, and the beginning of this week will not be an exception. There is good volatility in the markets, trading signals are generated regularly - an ideal time for both manual and automated trading. The report is shown based on the results of the work of advisors on real trading accounts.

Before proceeding to the analysis of trading, I would like each of you to answer for yourself the question, what payment he considers adequate for the opportunity to learn how to trade profitably on the machine. Some are ready to give any money for this, others are sure that success can be achieved without spending a penny on training.

Both are right in their own way, the question is how quickly you expect to get the result. Those who value their time sign up for a special course "Profit on the machine" and start trading profitably in a few weeks. Others spend months and years on unsuccessful attempts, and more than one training course could be bought for the poured deposits.

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Trading based on market sentiment

Today's overview is opened by the results of a strategy based on trading by levels in accordance with the general market sentiment. Below are the deals made on it for the week:

Fast processing of two sell signals

Almost immediately, the graph went in the right direction.

Two profitable of USDJPY

Scalper Gap

Scalper Gap

The work is based on the property of gaps on the chart to close regardless of the timeframe on which they are formed.

Scalper operation report on M1

In the report above, the win rate was 94.12%. Over a long period of time, the share of successful trades may decrease below 90%, but not by much.

As for the logic of work, it can be understood by the examples of transactions.

Two identical buy deals with the same working out

2 hours after entering the market, the entire grid is closed according to the total take profit

Another example of working out a three-level grid

Breaking Monday

This robot uses the idea that on Monday levels are formed, the subsequent breakdown of which gives the direction of further movement of the currency pair. There are also additional filters, they are discussed in more detail in a special course.

Report on the Expert Advisor Monday Break

The robot is multicurrency, very simple and reliable, the drawdown is minimal.

Working out a sell signal after the breakout of the support that formed at the beginning of the week

The stops for this robot sometimes exceed the take profit, but due to the high win rate, the deposit grows steadily.

Expert Advisor 008 - a scalper for a quiet market

The robot trades only in a quiet market, the working hours are limited to 22: 00-03: 00 Moscow time, only at this time signals to enter the market are looked for. The general idea is described as follows - the signal appears when the chart bounces off the border of the Bollinger Bands, the profit is fixed either at the opposite BB border, or when the middle line of the Bollinger Bands is reached.

Pair of trades of the advisor 008

The trading is not very intense, but the win rate is high, so the robot works well. Due to the large lot, it is possible to take a solid profit even on movements of 5-10 points.

A profit of about 4-5 points is taken

Here the profit reached 9-10 points

Our robots cannot provide an increase in the deposit 10-20 times in a couple of days, but you can count on a stable increase in the deposit. If you increase the risks, then the same ScalperGap copes well with deposit acceleration, there are successful examples among our students.

I often come across the fact that newbies are mistrustful of our training offer. I fully understand them, especially for such skeptics, we propose to start working with free optimized robots. If you leave your email at the link below, we will send free advisors to it one by one, all of them are able to work profitably. When you are sure that everything is in order, sign up for training.