Free Signals Results

Free Signals Results

There is an opinion that free analytics cannot be useful. It has a right to exist, many materials really do manage with general phrases without specifying entry points and specific signals. We provide a daily market analysis based on the TS Sniper X, that is, the basis of analytics is precisely the trading scenarios for the day, according to which many trade. In the review, we will consider how they worked and how much you could earn on them.

As for why our analytics is free (many are confused, they see some kind of catch), it is needed so that everyone can check the effectiveness of the strategy before starting training. We understand that the market is full of scammers, so we do our best so that you can check the efficiency of Sniper X in real conditions.

This is logical, the training course is not free, you, as a buyer, need to know what you are paying for, and analytics makes it possible. And some of our students with her help earned money to pay for a special course.

In addition, we also give the basic version of Sniper X without payment and additional requirements. Those wishing to just follow the link below and leave an email address, 4 video lessons will come to it in turn, from which it is worth starting training.

Now let's move on to the debriefing.

The only deal on the commodity market

This week the distribution of signals turned out to be in favor of the currency market. Of the 7 entry points, 6 fell on currency pairs and only 1 on Cocoa, so let's start with it.

As for cocoa on Thursday, there was a development of the resistance level and we considered short positions in the forecast from the lower border of the zone. As a result, the signal worked out, and 26 points could be earned here.

With conservative trading tactics, the stop was 22 points at 4-digit quotes.

Foreign exchange market - 6 entry points

All signals for currency pairs appeared on Tuesday and Wednesday, 3 each day:

  • USDCHF - on Tuesday, it was possible to take 15 points with a stop of 7-8 points on the rebound from the support zone. The profit is not the largest, but with a similar ratio of stop and take profit, you can take such signals;
  • NZDUSD is another signal that formed on Tuesday. We also got a W-shaped pattern and a breakout of the local high that appeared on this figure. Long positions brought in a profit of 22 pips with half the stop loss;
  • the EURUSD trading opportunity also appeared on Tuesday. When the upper border of the support zone was touched, purchases were justified. As a result, the profit is 36 points, and the stop is no more than 15 points;
  • on Wednesday the signal for GBPNZD worked perfectly. On this cross, an impulse breakdown of the resistance zone was observed and an equally quick return under it. And after the breakout of the local minimum of the reversal pattern, a sell entry point appeared. With a stop of 62 points, you could earn about 120-122 points on this trade;
  • GBPJPY on Wednesday worked out a difficult sell signal. The entry point was received on a rebound from the lower border of the zone highlighted in the figure, but then the chart went against us. Nevertheless, a correctly placed stop of 80 points did not work. Here it was worth using a partial fix and earning 34 points for the first fix and 110 points for the second;
  • CADJPY - received a classic reversal signal from the support zone with a false breakout. The reversal pattern and the local maximum are highlighted below, at the breakout of which the trading was conducted. The stop loss was 30 points and the take profit was 62 points.

The report includes the simplest deals that all traders, without exception, could have entered into. Even those who have not studied the Sniper yet, but limited themselves to a free basic course. I also want to emphasize that such efficiency is not the limit, but everything depends on how many tools you work with.

As for the results, it was possible to earn about 330-340 points for these deals in 3 days. With a working lot of 0.1 on a classic account, this would give at least $ 300 profit - a good result of 3 days of trading on free signals.